Why Solar Power?

  • Solar energy is a sustainable source of power
  • The value of your home will increase with an installation of solar panels, but there will not be an increase in property taxes

    Installation of Solar Power Systems will Create Jobs

    Installation of Solar Power Systems will Create Jobs

  • You will receive payments from the power company if you generate more electricity than you use
  • Electricity bill can be reduced or eliminated depending on the size of system you choose
  • As fuel prices increase, imagine what electricity will cost in five years. Your costs are fixed with a Solar purchase
  • Solar Panels are modular, you can start small and add more panels as your energy needs change
  • Solar Panels are warrantied for at least 20 to 25 years, therefore once your system is paid for you will be receiving free energy from the sun
  • Federal Tax Credit of 30% available on cost of system, to reduce your cost
  • California Solar Incentive rebate helps you reduce your investment

How much can you save per year by switching to solar power and an electric car?

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