Why Electric Cars?

  • Electric cars are 5 times more efficient than internal combustion cars, which means electric cars go 5 times farther than internal combustion cars on the same amount of energy15,755 Nissan Leaf’s sold in 2014 through July
  • Electric cars are 5 times cheaper to “fuel” than gas cars
  • Immediately benefit by not paying for gasoline at all and not sending oil money over seas to people that do not like us!
  • Unlike internal combustion engine cars, electric cars have very low maintenance cost.  They do not require oil, filters, belts, spark plugs, exhaust systems, and etc.  However, you still need to replace tires, brakes and eventually batteries
  • Electric cars have immediate torque, responsiveness, and they are quiet and clean
  • No more stops at gas stations
  • 90% of all charging is done at night while you sleep
  • Can operate electric cars from solar energy generated on the roof of your house, which means zero carbon emissions
  • Electric batteries are recyclable so they won’t be filling up landfills

How much can you save per year by switching to solar power and an electric car?

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