Get Amped Model S Tour

Randy and Debbie at the “Get Amped” Model S Tour

June 30, 2012 was the Tesla Get Amped Model S Tour in Los Angeles, CA.  Debbie did the test drive since she will be the primary driver of the Model S.  I plan to keep the Roadster.  Debbie drove the performance version of the Model S, which was responsive, handled smoothly, and felt very solid.  The driving course included surface streets, freeway driving, and a section of road which had been blocked off and had no speed limit.  At the entrance to the blocked off section of road there was a police officer who told Debbie to “step on it” and we went from zero to 75 miles per hour very quickly.  After the drive we visited the new Tesla Santa Monica showroom on the 3rd Street Promenade. They had a Model S, Model X and a chassis for the Model S.

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  1. Michael says:

    I enjoyed meeting you at the mall.
    You mad me feel more comfortable about a 100% electric car.

    Thank you

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