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Charging in Malibu, CA

Charging is one of the most often asked question about electric cars.  About 90% of all my electric car charging is done at home in my garage while I sleep and it does not matter if it takes five minutes or five hours to charge because I sleep more than five hours.  I charge my electric car every night and wakeup with full range every morning.  The other 10% of the charging is done when I am on a trip away from home while I am eating, shopping, or attending some event.  Charging stations are becoming more prevalent and easy to find.  I like to use the PlugShare app on my iphone to find charging stations when I am away from home.  I have charged my car in San Diego, Encinitas,  Palm Springs, Newport Beach, Santa Barbara, Ojai, Malibu, Los Angeles Airport, Los Angeles Convention Center, and Torrance. Below are pictures at some of these locations where my car was charging for free.  Also, there is free charging for Tesla Model S at all Tesla Superchargers.  On average a Supercharger stop takes about 45 minutes, enough time to get something to eat.  With the Tesla Model S we have made many day trips and three longer trips, two from Los Angeles to San Fransisco and one from Los Angeles to Sedona, AZ.  In California, the Tesla Superchargers we have used are at Hawthorne, Oxnard, Buellton, Atascadero, Tejon Ranch, Harris Ranch, Gilroy, Fremont, and Indio and in Arizona they are at Quartzite, Buckeye, and Cordes Lakes. There are many more Tesla Superchargers in North America, Europe and in Asia.  All Tesla Superchargers are free.  Here are pictures at some of these locations of my car charging for free.

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  1. I recently charged my Model S in Indio, California where there is a lineup of 8 SuperChargers. This took all of 20 minutes while I went to Starbucks for a cup of tea. However, I usually charge my car at night while I sleep. The car at those times, for all intents and purposes, becomes a very large “cell phone”. It’s that easy to plug in! I wake up in the morning and the car has acquired a full “tank.” I needn’t drive anywhere for my fuel. Until you actually experience fueling up at home, it’s hard to imagine how convenient home charging is. But once you experience this way of life, you will never go back to smelly gas stations.

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