Electric Cars at Holiday Party

Electric cars at Howard and Linda’s Annual Holiday Party and Boat Parade.  There were 2 Teslas, 3 Nissan Leafs, 3 Toyota RAV4, and 2 Electric Conversions.

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  1. The most remarkable thing about our annual boat parade party, IMO, is not the holiday-themed big boats gliding past our populated patio in Huntington Harbor. No, the most exciting line-up is the array of electric cars in our driveway.
    Thanks to both you and Debra for always attending and parking your Fusion Red Tesla in our electrified driveway. Great photos, btw!

  2. Cathy Lam says:

    and the Accidental Caterer brought all the foods, dishes, and glasses. etc.. in their 155K-miles-driven Toyota Rav4-EV. parked next to Linda’s Tesla.
    It was fun to serve the food to this group!!!

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