Germany sets new solar power record, institute says | Reuters

Solar power is being produced on the rooftops of apartments in Germany

It’s amazing to me how Germany is producing more solar power than any other country when they only get as much solar energy per square meter as Seattle, Washington and Germany is only about the size of the state of Montana.  Just look at the solar map on page 7 of my paper.  Except for Seattle, the U.S. gets more solar energy coast-to-coast and boarder-to-boarder including Hawaii, than Germany.  Solar energy is the most abundant form of energy in the U.S., it’s the cleanest, it’s renewable and it can be made right on the rooftops of where we live and work.  Making electricity right where it’s being used, saves the loss of power in transmission lines.  Please read about Germany producing up to 50% of it’s electrical power from solar.

Germany sets new solar power record, institute says | Reuters.

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4 Responses to Germany sets new solar power record, institute says | Reuters

  1. Paul Scott says:

    Wow, that’s quite the PV array! I can’t help but notice that they installed a system that covers 100% of the available roof. Here in CA, we are saddled with an onerous fire safety rule that restricts PV panels from within 3 feet of the roof line and the edges of the roof. This reduces available space for panels considerably, and in many cases renders the available space too small for a viable system. We are losing a significant amount of good, viable solar roof space because of this unneeded rule. It should be repealed, or at least amended ASAP.

    • Randy says:

      Good observation Paul. Covering a roof with PV solar panels should be no different than any other roof covering like singles, wood singles, concrete singles, or tile. Is this a city building or fire code or state code and does it call out solar panels specifically?

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  3. Paul Moore says:

    Speaking fire, do either of you guys know the protocols for dealing with a house with PV that is on fire? It seems to me that even though you can throw the switch, you can still short out the system with water and get one heck of a DC jolt.

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